April Newsletter

Dear Friends
It is a privilege to be able to serve Peebles Old Parish and Eddleston as locum, taking over from the great work done by Jim Cutler. I hope that I will be able to contribute to the worship and pastoral work of the churches through the months to come.

Our Interim Moderator, Dr Macdonald, has asked me to provide a brief biography.

Born and brought up in Dumfries, I studied Arts and then Divinity at Edinburgh University, followed by a post-graduate year in Geneva on a World Council of Churches scholarship. In my time, I served as a local minister in Paisley and in Edinburgh, retiring from Morningside United Church seven years ago and moving to Peebles. Out of many enriching experiences I would mention that I became the first non-Church of Scotland minister ever to be called to serve as a Presbytery Moderator in the Church of Scotland, and went on from there to convene the Presbytery Plan Group for Edinburgh at a challenging time.
Latterly, I worked as an Examiner in Communication Skills for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, examining all over the UK, South-East Asia, South Asia, and North Africa. I also served the four British surgical colleges on the Inter-Collegiate Committee for Basic Surgical Examinations, working in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin.
After six years in that role, I was delighted to work as Locum in two situations – firstly, in East Lothian (at Humbie linked with Yester, Bolton and Saltoun), and then in the Parishes of Upper
Tweeddale (Broughton, Tweedsmuir, Stobo, and Skirling.) Where I have just finished.

I am married to Jean, who is involved in a number of Peebles organisations, and we have three daughters – in Ilkley, Edinburgh and the youngest just relocating from New Zealand to the UK.
We have three lovely grandsons, aged 7, 4, and 6 months. Oh, and a six month old black Labrador puppy called Finbar.

I greatly welcome this new venture. And to getting to know you in church, in your homes, and in the street! (Just stop me!)

Every blessing,


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