National Giving – October 17th

We are invited to invite!

Contributions from members and friends. For local church purposes, and not counted as income for M and M giving calculations

We will have resources appearing regularly. In the meantime, this is a giving day Psalm to meditate on.

A Giving Day psalm

(Rev Jenny Adams)

Hear our cry, O God,
listen to our prayers.
The world is wounded
by coronavirus,
by isolation,
and by inequalities made worse by the pandemic.

There is so much injustice, God,
with people excluded because of skin colour, gender, and debt,
and harmed by violence, wealth and climate crisis
here, nationally and across Your world.

Creation herself groans,
crying out to You in brokenness.
And while we cry out,
the injustices and inequalities go on,
against Your will, O God,
though, we confess, not always against our own interests.

Yet in our losses and failures,
we know we can cry to You,
and that You listen to us and love us.
We know that You promise to be with us always,
and that You are beside us in all the mess.
We know we can pray for Your ways to come,
and that You invite us to join You in changing the world.

You are a faithful God,
walking with us through 2020 and 2021,
as You have walked with people for millennia.
So in our woundedness, we trust in You for healing.
In our unjust behaviours, we turn to You for transformation.
In our uncertainty, we seek Your presence to guide us to new life.

For all this we give thanks for You:
God of love, God with us, God of life,
thank You.

And may we hear Your call, O God,
to seek peace and justice,
to love tenderly and fairly,
and to listen and learn humbly
for ourselves and our communities,
for all people and Your whole creation.

May we hear Your call, O God,
and respond with all that we have and all that we are,
being transformed
and so helping change the world.

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